Norman Love, My gift of Chocolate

My biggest food weakness used to be potato chips. I would eat an entire 16oz. bag in just one sitting. In fact, back when the teenagers were still at home, I used to keep them in my bedroom to be sure they wouldn't get eaten. WOW what a mean mom I was. Over the years, I left the chip addiction behind and replaced it with a chocolate variety. Every Christmas, my hubby would buy me a pound or so box of Godiva Chocolates.... Oh they were more than delicious, they were heavenly! While I am not very good baking at cookies or cakes however I did dabble in candies for a few years. I know how time consuming it is and how delicious fresh chocolate can be. Nowadays, we can't afford either so I settle for a Hersey bar or some Reese cups on daily basis.

What about Norman Love?? I had the luncheon for my niece today, (the stromboli was a big hit) and I received a gift! My mother in law was shopping with her friend on Friday at Norman Love Confections, formerly know as Ganache Chocolates. She slipped me this black box that was the shape of a jewelry box, like one for a bracelet. I really thought it was a bracelet.

OH my gosh, it was chocolate... hand made, beautiful, dark chocolates! Mr Norman Love had beat Godiva, Lindt, and of course all the candy bars you could name!

It was the new "Black" ultra premium line of chocolates. They are advertised as samples from around the world but they are out of this world! The smoothest, creamiest un-sweet sweet chocolates that I have ever eaten. The Maracaibo was my favorite. Very rich and creamy inside.

The descriptions below are found inside the box. The pictures do little justice for the beauty of the fine candies. Each of the colors on the exterior are shiny and appear to be sparkling like gems or metals. If you get the opportunity, do order some of these fine chocolates.

Hacienda Elvesia | Ultra-Premium Gourmet Dark Chocolate
Hacienda Elvesia

Cocoa Mass: 74%
Origin: Dominican Republic
Flavor Profile
An elegant, robust chocolate with notes of black tea and a hint of tobacco made with beans from the Dominican Republic. The processing method produces a fruity note that is sustained by a refreshing hint of orange and a splash of grapefruit.

Arriba | Ultra-Premium Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Mass: 72%
Origin: Ecuador
Flavor Profile
Made with cocoa beans from the prized Nacional from Arriba Mocache, Los Rios, Ecuador, this chocolate's flavor is enhanced by intense coffee and licorice fragrances. A gentle processing technique gives rise to an intense dried plum bouquet and a long finish of flowery black currants.

Cru Sauvage | Ultra-Premium Gourmet Dark Chocolate
Cru Sauvage

Cocoa Mass: 68%
Origin: Bolivia
Flavor Profile
The world's first chocolate made from beans harvested from wild cacao trees growing in the Beni region of north-eastern Bolivia. This harmonious chocolate possesses fresh lemon and grapefruit notes, an intense dried plum bouquet, and an exquisite hint of vanilla.

Maracaibo Clasificado | Ultra-Premium Gourmet Dark Chocolate
Maracaibo Clasificado

Cocoa Mass: 65%
Origin: Venezuela
Flavor Profile
Made with noble criollo cocoa from the vicinity of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, this well-balanced chocolate is enhanced by coffee and plum aromas with an undercurrent of orange blossom and cinnamon, possessing a light, sweet raisin bouquet.

Madagascar | Ultra-Premium Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Mass: 64%
Origin: Madagascar
Flavor Profile
Created with cocoa beans of the trinitario variety from Sambirano, Madagascar, an island off the southeast coast of Africa, this is a fruity chocolate with a roasted hazelnut aroma and wild berry notes as well as a subtle hint of clove and cedar.

PS - Thank you mom for thinking of me!


Anonymous said…
Oh I am jealous! Yum! Yum! Can I have some?
Anonymous said…
Sorry Linda, they're gone!

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