A Real Philly Cheese Steak

Photo courtesy Pat'sBoy oh boy have I been craving a real Philly cheese steak. I'm a Philly girl, born and raised, who moved to SW Florida in 1983. That makes me a Philly Floridian I guess. For years, like 20, I could never find a real Philly Cheese steak. You see, cheese steaks are a staple when you're from Philadelphia. The ongoing war of who prepares the best cheese steak still exists between Pat's and Geno's on Passyunk Ave or Jim's on South Street in south Philadelphia.

Until Dick's Philly Cheese Steaks opened a year or so ago I could not find a real cheese steak around town. My favorite pizza joint, Heavenly Pizza, who makes one awesome calzone, came the closest. Let me tell you, Dick's has a REAL cheese steak. Chipped rib eye with your choice of traditional Philly toppings served on a fresh Amoroso roll. What is an Amoroso roll you ask. A roll fresh baked by Amoroso's Bakery. They have been in business since 1904 and are part of the Real Philly Cheese steak. You can bet when I heard that Dick's used real Amoroso rolls, I was excited! When you order a steak in south Philly, you can get a cheese steak with less carbs, ask them to scoop the roll!

The first time I decided to visit Dick's it was spur of the moment and I opted for take out. Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately felt like I was at home. There was a display rack with Tastekakes, made in Philly since 1904. A sign proclaiming the use of Amoroso rolls hung proudly above the take out counter. Directly ahead were a line of simple dining tables, traditional of Philly Steak shops. The aroma put me over the top... I could smell those steaks cooking on the grill.

Dicks Philly Cheese Steaks offers the traditional list of toppings: Cheese - Provolone, American, or Cheese whiz. Vegetable list is grilled onions and mushrooms, raw onions, sweet peppers -these are jarred sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, pizza sauce, lettuce, tomato. Of course if you choose the lettuce and tomato you just made it a Hoagie!

Their menu includes a variety of hoagies as well as roast beef and meatball sandwiches. To round out the menu an assortments of salads are available and the traditional sides- fries, onion rings or chips- offered in any Philly steak shop.

Oh my gosh, what a delightfully delicious experience. The roll was packed with steak to overflowing, all the veges and sauce grilled. Rolled up in a traditional paper wrap, just like home. Talk about delicious... I was really impressed, and quite full. I'll bet most people only eat half in a sitting! The steak was cooked perfectly, very tender, not dry and no gristle. I can finally get a real Philly cheese steak and it's maybe five minutes from my house!

OK so here's my favorite Cheese Steak- Actually it's called a pizza steak. Extra Provolone, grilled onions & mushrooms, pizza sauce, and hot peppers, scoop it!

As you can tell I give Dick's Philly Cheese Steaks a 10. If you visit SW Florida be sure to get yourself a true Philly Cheese Steak!

Are you hungry?


Miriam said…
I'm so excited you posted this! I live in Philly, born & raised, as were my kids. My daughter now lives in Miami, FL but I do believe she ventures into Cape Coral. Wait until I tell her about this place, she'll be so excited :) The first thing she does when she visits me, off the plane and before the baggage claim is demand to stop and get a Cheesesteak!

Thanks again.
redkathy said…
Oh I know just how your daughter feels. I had a cheese steak up in Tampa with my Dad. It was like a Philly but too dry and crumbly, plus no Amoroso rolls :(
Stephanie said…
OMGosh that looks sooo good!! Can I get it dairy free?? I know then it isn't a cheesesteak but OMGosh that looks good!!
redkathy said…
Stephanie you can order no cheese.... Must have the sauce!
Dinah said…
now im hungry :-)
Franklin said…
I regretted visiting your site before breakfast!!! Now I crave for a oily, juicy and meaty burger myself! Wish we had that in New Zealand!
Dr. Lauren said…
I can feel my blood pressure rising just looking at this sandwich. I will take 2 please. lol
Arlene said…
Yummy looks like a great meal/snacks.

Btw, thank you very much for being one of the top droppers the month of March. I hope i will still you this month dropping. :)
Sara said…
Oh yummy, this looks so tasty!!!
I feel a new pregnancy craving coming on:)
Have a great day
Jen said…
Yummy, I just had one tonight :) Cheers.
That looks so good! I love Philly cheesesteaks and haven't had a real/good one in YEARS.
Chinaren said…
OMG, that PCSteak looks SOOOO nice. I could really go for one right now. Which is a bit sad, 'cos they aren't easy to come by in China.

MAC said…
To me there is no sandwich like a really good Philly Steak and Cheese. I make them sometimes using my waffle iron which puts little nooks in the bread and makes it toast beautifully.
CarloBlogg said…
i felt uber hungry when I saw the pics, wah!
ekusinero said…
Delissssh... Yummmmy! I felt hungry!!!

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