Uses for Organic Brown Coffee Grounds

I was reading a post over at Frugal Creativity about using coffee grounds and found a link to this post. I so love coffee and have become addicted to gardening, I just had to share it!

Everyone knows that used coffee grounds make a useful addition to the green friendly natural compost pile. Other natural green uses for used coffee grounds are surprisingly versatile. Who would have thought there were so many ways to recycle used coffee grounds?

Organic used coffee grounds are a natural deodorizer. Just place a small open container of used coffee grounds in freezer or fridge to absorb odors the green way after cleaning.

Even if you don't have an organic compost pile, used coffee grounds can be a great all natural organic green fertilizer. Just dump used coffee grounds right in to the soil and mix or use on top of soil as well.

Worms love the used coffee grounds in an organic compost pile. Use this natural green worm feed to keep worms healthy on fishing trips too. Just dump used coffee grounds in an old coffee can right along with the worms.

Another green and natural use for coffee grounds is as an organic cat repellent for the garden. Coffee grounds keep kitty from doing her organic business in your beautiful green and natural garden. Just sprinkle them liberally in the garden to naturally repel the cat.

Coffee grounds are great for keeping root maggots away from carrots. They also help provide the looser natural soil carrots prefer. Just mix coffee grounds in with soil before planting for a green deterrent to these garden pests.

Coffee grounds are an all natural organic flea repellent. Just rub through Fido's fur and brush to distribute. This all natural flea repellent is a green substitute for harmful chemical flea sprays and collars.

Furniture scratches will disappear with this all natural organic dye. Just rub wet coffee grounds across the scratch. The damaged areas will pick up the brown coffee dye with this green furniture repair trick.

Scatter plenty of used coffee grounds about the natural green organic garden. In addition to the other green garden uses, coffee grounds will repel snails and slugs.
Natural and organic green uses for used coffee grounds....

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Unknown said…
thank you for the tips. do you have any personal experience with any of these? i am going to have to tell my mother-in-law about the flea repellent one. if she tries it, i will let you know how it turns out.
Redkathy said…
PJ I know they work great for compost and for evergreens, which like a real acidic soil. I have read about the fleas on quite a few sites. I would be very interested to know if it works!
Every day I throw my grounds into the garbage can. No more! I live in a condo but do have a small area where I plant flowers every year. My grounds will now be taking up residence in that area. Thank you for this info.
Mike said…
I knew about using grounds as a fertilizer, but I had no idea about using it as a repellent against pests and maggots. Thanks for the info.
Reeni said…
These are great tips! I can especially use the one about keeping cats away from using my flower beds for unpleasant reasons!

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