A Spicy Chicken, Pimento Cheesy, Snacking Good Dinner

The weather has been really hot and humid with only one rainstorm in the last two or three weeks. It’s just way too dry. It really takes a toll on my appetite. With that, I’ve been thinking snack foods lately. I went to pick up a few things… ha ha ha I ended up buying everything I need for snaking meals. I bought, among other things, a jar of pimentos, two pounds of Velveeta cheese, a block of sharp cheddar, and four pounds of chicken wings!

Last Wednesday was to be our snacking good dinner. [wink]  I planned on making the pimento cheese spread, mom’s hot wings, and some popcorn chicken that was part of our Angel Food box this month. Of course that was also the day we got a much needed rain. In fact, it was a bad rain storm; one that flooded the roads in about thirty minutes and knocked out the power, cable, and internet! On top of that I had a meeting to attend at 7:00pm that was supposed to be a short one. Oh right, the meeting ended at 9:10pm but that didn’t stop me, I just had to have some pimento cheese spread. Am I the only one who has these crazy food cravings?

Our late night snacking good dinner went like this:

Pimento Cheese Spread

1 lb Velveeta cheese
½ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 small jar pimentos, including liquid
4 Tbsp Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
 Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cut Velveeta into chunks. Put Velveeta in a food processor and pulse two or three times to form small chunks. Combine the remaining ingredients in the food processor (or blender) except vinegar and pulse until well blended. Remove to serving bowl and add the vinegar a little at a time while stirring. Add about ½ tsp fresh ground black pepper and taste. Add more vinegar or pepper to taste. Cover and chill in the fridge. Serve on whole wheat bread or with crackers on the side.

Spicy Chicken Wings

4 Lbs. chicken wing sections

Wash chicken wings and pat try. Next, fry chicken wings until crisp. I used my electric turkey fryer and fried them up in one batch. Prior to owning this appliance, I would fry the chicken wings in batches in a deep frying pan or kettle. When the wings are done drain on paper towels while preparing the sauce.

½ stick butter
4 Tbsp red wine vinegar
2 Tbsp Louisiana hot sauce
1 tsp Italian seasoning

For the sauce, I use a large chicken fryer pan. Melt butter over low heat. Add the vinegar and hot sauce and mix until all the liquids have blended thoroughly. Sprinkle the sauce with the Italian seasoning, stir and cook for one or two minutes. Add the chicken wings, stir and toss to completely coat the wings. Cover and cook for about five minutes on low. Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Oh, I almost left out the package of battered Popcorn Chicken from Angel Food Ministries. I fried those up while I was making the spicy chicken wing sauce. I was thinking about making them spicy too but later decided to serve them naked, with the dressing.

A few things to note –

Pimento Cheese Spread – Do not drain the pimentos. This can be done by hand however the food processor makes it more uniform and just the right chunky, creamy consistency. I added the mayo two tbsp at a time and pulsed between additions.

Wings - It really doesn’t take much hot sauce to make these hot. It’s the combination of vinegar and hot sauce that does it. Don’t leave the wings covered for more than five minutes otherwise they will be too soft.

Are you Hungry?


Campbell Jane said…
OH YUM! I LOVE pimento cheese!
Kate Burton said…
Are those the wings you actually cooked? Mine never look THAT good!
Redkathy said…
Kate, you are too kind! Actually they are my wings. Frying first is the key.
Kate Burton said…
YUM! I usually bake them so that's probably the problem.
Cruiselife & Co said…
This is perfect for my company that's here. Great recipe.
Metz said…
Dropping by to check out what is new to read over here :) Keep safe and healthy always :) xoxo
Unknown said…
I could give that cheese spread a try...really.

figtree said…
I had a similar cheese spread when I lived in NC, now I know how to make it much thanks to you!!!Figtreeapps
Redkathy said…
Ms Figtree, My DH is a Florida boy. I had to learn how to make it, it's an old time staple down here ;)
alexa said…
yumi..!! I LOVE pimento cheese! and Spicy Chicken Wings
draxc0la said…
yumii.. i'm hungry now ....

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