Summer Pot Luck Contest: Tortellini Salad

Back in May, I finally got up the nerve to enter my first recipe contest, woo hoo! While browsing the foodie blog roll forum I came across this Summer Pot Luck contest. Gfron1 is giving away an espresso maker. I would love to win this since I don't currently own one. I decided to entered my shrimp tortellini salad. I have prepared it for pot luck lunches at my church and for many family picnics. It's super quick to whip up and very versatile.

I forgot all about the entry!!! [old age] Today while browsing my favorite forum, I came across the post about the contest. It closed June1st. I went over to The Curios Blogquat, and Gfron1 had prepared my shrimp salad with fresh tortellini and it looks absolutely wonderful! The pictures are awesome.

The winner has not been announced but I wanted to post this as a "thank you" to Gfron1 for hosting the contest.

The Curious Blogquat: Summer Pot Luck Contest: Tortellini Salad


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