September Foodstuff - Focaccia Bread

Is everyone really busy or do they have pizza on the brain? I have read way too many foodie posts with different pizza recipes in the last few weeks. There was Kim over at ORMG who posted her wonderful vegetable pizzas, then Tortilla Pizzas were posted on Ginger Rose, and finally a delicious dish, Shrimp and Scallop Margarita Pizza on What's Cookin' Italian Style. Oh My Gosh I want a pizza!!! 

First I checked the fridge and the pantry.... Not enough mozzarella for a traditional pizza, aka "a pie" if you are from Philly. I decided on the next best thing, Focaccia. Out came my bread machine (you all know how I love that thing) and prepared the dough.

Add ingredients, in this order, to bread machine:
1 cup warm water
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
2cups all purpose flour
1 cup stone ground whole wheat flour
2 1/4 tsp yeast (bread machine or rapid rise)
Select dough option, push start and return in about 11/2 hours to find prepared dough ample for making one 11 x 13 pan pizza!
Just a note, I let my dough rest for about 15 minutes before I remove it from the machine. While the dough is resting, lightly oil the sheet pan. Slice two or three ripe tomatoes really thin. Remove the dough and fold, forming a dome shape. Put dough on a lightly floured surface and flatten with your finger tips. Stretch the dough to an oblong shape close to the length and width of the pan. I stretch the dough by working it over my fists, similar to what you would see done in a pizzeria. Place dough on pan and press with finger tips into sides and corners, leaving dimples in the dough. Brush generously with olive oil so that oil slightly wells up in the dimples. Lay tomatoes on dough and press lightly onto dough. Sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper, Italian seasoning, and a generous amount of grate Parmesan and Romano cheese. Bake in a preheated 350° oven for about 20 minutes or until pie is golden and cheese is melted. 


Focaccia Pie
September's Foodstuff → BREAD
Are you hungry?  


TLK KNS said…
omg that looks good, I also blogged about my homemade pizza also! LOL
redkathy said…
Hey Tina- I knew the pizza thing was goin' on... thought maybe it was just me!
Melissa said…
Yes, I'm hungry! That looks good! I posted about pizza this weekend, too. :)
Vodka Logic said…
I love Focaccia bread, I will have to give it a try

Danielle said…
OMG! I can't believe you are even asking if im hungry with a picture like that! I just ate a big meal and seeing and hearing about your focaccia made me hungry all over again!!
A pizza with focaccia bread for a dough. Very interesting and new. And looks very scrumptious too. But don't we love focaccia even without the pizza toppings and all that? ^_^
Angie said…
I love Focaccia, but have not tried it yet, looks delicious
Well, I haven't posted about pizza lately, but I'm always game for a pizza. THAT looks delicious!

I was thinking about pizza yesterday actually. I had in mind a rustic dough like a brick oven pizza, with tomatoes & lots of mozzarella, maybe some basil, and sweet onion, but I was much too lazy to make it so I only dreamed of it LOL!
Auntie E said…
I really like this kind of pizza. I use to make it quite a bit. Think I try one tonight. It will please my daughter the pizza lover:-)
Stephanie said…
Pizza is yummy!! Even my wheat/gluten free and dairy free pizza!
Tim said…
That looks delicious! I've never been a big bread maker but I think this recipe might just change that.
Jane said…
I'm starving already! Love the pizza, so yummy!!!
Unknown said…
My Italian taste buds are salivating!

Thistlemoon said…
It looks so good! I love fresh tomato as a pizza or foccacia topping!
I'm near dinner and I'm mouthwatering for this Focaccia!
Bravo for these awesome Italian treat :)


Frugal Vicki said…
Well, I wasn't hungry for pizza, but now I am! Thanks for sharing!
Auntie E said…
Well I made it and the family likes it. I added Artichokes the hubby.thanks
Redkathy said…
Auntie E - Artichokes was a great idea, what a hubby you must have!
Melissa said…
Hi Kathy --

I have something for you at my blog. :)
Metz said…

sorry for not being able to pass by as much this week as I would have wanted to. I was busy designing and fixing my new website. I am so sure that you would love it too since it tackles all of the best songs and singers to date :)

Come and check it out and tell me what you think :)

Here is the link:

Your comment would be most appreciated

Thanks again in advanced and hope you are having a restful weekend :) xoxo

Empty Streets 1027
I think you may have just ruined my diet...that looks absolutely divine!
Now this is one thing that I've never tried to make and you've inspired me to....focaccia! Thanks for lighting the fire! Roz
Naoko said…
Oh, my Now I got Pizza on my mind.. Going to try this on the weekend..
Karine said…
This focaccia sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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