Cinnamon n Raisin POMegranate Bread

Between having Christmas preoccupation and a big helping of those, "Oh NO, this can't be happening now" deals, there was no blogging for me these last few weeks. While I did continue to cook and feed my family, no photos were taken. Now that I've explained my MIA status, let me share one of my quick experiments with you.

After reading so many food blogs that raved about POM juice and considering I never tried it, I entered a POM giveaway a few weeks back. I couldn't believe it when the winners were posted; I won four 16 oz. bottles of POM, YEAH me! Now that I've been exposed, I have to agree with the foodies, POM is awesome. In fact, I liked it so well I almost didn't try it in a single recipe. After drinking the third bottle I thought to myself, "demonstrate just a tad bit of restraint will ya please"!! So, I managed to reserve the last bottle for cooking.

Now you all know how I love my bread machine, right? I remembered the instructions saying that one can use any juice as a substitute for water. I went the bread cookbook that came with my beloved Magic Chef bread machine. After all, this was an experiment. Would it not be smart and safer to use a recipe that I have experience with, I asked myself. In thinking about the taste of POM, it seemed to fit well with cinnamon, and raisins for that matter. Of course I had those on hand. With that, I asked Red to taste the juice and think cinnamon. He was half sold, "Yeah that might work Ma", so I went with it.

Cinnamon N Raisin POMegranate Bread

1 1/2 cups Water (used the POM)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 1/2 tsp Salt
2 Tbsp Sugar
4 cups Bread flour (used half bread flour, half all purpose)
2 tsp Ground cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp Active dry yeast (used bread machine yeast)
3/4 cup Raisins

Add ingredients in the order given. Set on basic setting with medium crust setting. My machine has an add ingredients beeper, I added the raisins. If your machine doesn't have that feature, it's is safe to add the raisins in the beginning, or just as the final kneading begins. If you have a rapid setting or a delayed timer they can not be used with this recipe.

The crust was thick, yet somehow light in texture, and a light cinnamon color. The bread itself was very very moist and had just the right amount of sweetness, mainly from the raisins. Inside, the color was very interesting, a purplish brown cinnamon color. I only wish I had a photo to share with you. [big sigh] The tart pomegranate taste was subtle but evident. The flavors did go well together, giving a nice contrast of flavor.  Next time I make this I will add some pomegranate seeds in order to increase the pomegranate flavor and color.

The bread was gone in less than a day. Red enjoyed it with a swipe of peanut buttert. It served as a great snack and breakfast bread too. I would say this Cinnamon N Raisin POMegranate bread experiment was a success.

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Glad you were able to exercise some restraint! Love the new twitter pic too!!
Melissa said…
Neat idea, substituting the juice for water. The result sounds tasty!
Reeni said…
I was the same way with my POM - it's such a great thirst quencher. It sounds real yummy in this bread!
Catherine said…
This sounds delicious Kathy! I will definately try this. Pomegranate juice has so many health benefits. Happy Holidays in advance!
Stephanie said…
I LOVE POM!! Try it in a vinagrette some time! YUM!!
Velva said…
Your bread sounds delicious. Using POM juice was such a creative ingredient. Thanks for sharing.

Happy holidays to you!
figtree said…
Im a big POM fan, this recipe sounds delish!
Sara said…
Sounds so good, I love my bread machine, I will have to give this reciepe a try
AudreyO said…
I have a pomegranate tree and never know what to do with them. Trying them out in a bread might be awesome.
It seems a delicious recipe for this bread. I don't have this brand here; I will see a replacement for it.

Happy Holidays Kathy!



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