Crisp and Spicy Chicken Cutlets - No frying needed

There are quite a few Cooking Light Annuals from the 80s on my cookbook shelf. I discovered a recipe for oven baked chicken breasts quite some time ago. You'll find that chicken recipe, Italian Chicken Cutlets, posted here. It's a really great concept; economical, healthy, and easily adapted.

My DH, The Carnivore, is trying to loose weight. So far he's lost 20 pounds! Even though I'm one of those people who can eat anything and not gain weight, it feels like I'm on a diet too. I don't have the heart to eat a big fattening dinner and serve The Carnivore a low cal/fat entree and a salad. Nope I just can't do it. His favorite meal is spicy fried chicken but that's a no can do now. Given that I started thinking.... "Poor Carnivore, it stinks to have to diet. Hmmm, I bought those Progresso brand panko crispy bread crumbs with my winning coupon. Yep, crisp and spicy chicken cutlets, that's dinner!"

Crisp & Spicy Chicken Cutlets


5 boneless chicken breasts
3 tablespoons Louisiana brand hot sauce
3 tablespoons of EVOO
1.5 cups panko crispy bread crumbs (plain)
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne pepper
salt and black pepper to taste
Cooking Spray

First I fillet the chicken breasts. I start at the small end, keeping the knife parallel and flat and cut trough to the wide end. It's just like filleting a fish. Next, I rinse the chicken and drain them, don't pat them dry. Put the chicken cutlets in a bowl and add the hot sauce. Mix them well to be sure the chicken is coated. Marinate for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 400. Spray a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray. Mix the panko crumbs and seasonings. When the cutlets are ready firmly press cutlets one at a time into the crumb mix, turn and repeat to coat both sides. Place chicken on prepared baking sheet and cook for 25-30 minutes. I should also mention, since the recipe yields 10 cutlets, these are great in a sandwich with some fresh lettuce and tomato.

For years I had been buying Progresso Italian style and plain bread crumbs. Oh wow panko bread crumbs are all that Progresso claims them to be. It's no wonder the foodie rave about them! My DH, he really enjoyed and appreciated the chicken. And Red, well he thought the cutlets were comparable to Popeyes!

I scored big with these chicken cutlets, thanks to the My New 30 giveaway and Progresso!

Crisp & Spicy Chicken Cutlets on Foodista


Catherine said…
Mmmm, Kathy this looks fantastic! I'm going to try this recipe soon- I love using panko too!
Angie said…
I love this, I just tried Panko and used it on my green bean casserole, i got the plain ones, but i think they will work with this recipe if I add italian seasonings, you think? my hubby and i are trying to lose a little too, he has a lot more to lose, he still has baby weight, how do men get that?
Reeni said…
This looks nice and crispy and I love that spiciness you added to it. That is awesome that Red has lost 20 pounds! You make it easy with yummy recipes like this!
Drick said…
like the red sauce and yes I agree, Panko gives so much more crunch and texture...hey, since breadcrumbs are so fine, have you tried coating with crushed cornbread stuffing mix (I like it on catfish)..
Cajun Chef Ryan said…
Oven fried chicken is a great way to reduce the fat and calories, and yes, Panko is a great crispy choice too. I also like your use of Louisiana brand hot sauce, my favorite hot sauce is Crystal Hot Sauce.

CCR =:~)
Melissa said…
This sounds great! I've tried to bake chicken cutlets but they always turn out dry. I'll give this a try.
Katherine said…
I have used Panko for a few years. My mom is actually making her OWN panko bread crumbs now... they are very similar to what you buy. I plan to try your recipe - I have a teenager who LOVES hot sauce and your recipe sounds delicious.
Pam said…
Your dish looks So good and it's healthy to boot!

Stephanie said…
Oh yum!! Now I am going to have to look for gluten free bread crumbs to try this!
no doubt this is a great recipe I absolutely love hot sauce on everything and these look fantastic...I always use panko and make this but with shrimp baked and hot sauce just love them...firecracker shrimps!
Crispy and spicy are always good words for my tummy! This chicken looks mouthwatering!
It reminds me a chicken milanesa is very similar and outstanding :)


Catherine said…
Hi Kathy! Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting! To answer you're question about my roasted pork, I have never used a slow cooker, but my initial reaction to your question is that I would not recommend it. Roasting the pork in the oven gives it a nice carmelization and juiciness. I am not sure that slow cooking would accompolish this. Blessings to you!
Amazing how crumbs can make a difference and this looks amazing, as well.
Rachele Bennett said…
Those look super crispy. I'll have to try the breadcrumbs, I don't believe I've tried Progresso. Thanks. I did some yummy cinammon/chipotle pork chops a while back. If you like heat...
Unknown said…
This is nice and crispy! I love it! Plus the spices that you add into it make it more awesome! You really make it easy.
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