My Food My Choice - Hands off MY FOOD!!

It is amazing to me how much the government has intruded on our lives. In no way do I believe, not even for an instant, not even if I were a drunk in a stupor, that the government has the ability or insight to make a better decision than I where my personal life is concerned. How in the world can they tell me what food to eat or what insurance to buy? They don't know anything about me personally, except that I pay taxes!! When I came across this website via twitter, I definitely knew I had to share it with you. Check out the video and the excerpts. FYI - I signed the petition, maybe you should too.

"My Food My Choice is a grassroots coalition of chefs, restaurant owners, consumers and organizations that promotes the advancement of consumer choice in the marketplace and an environment of economic vitality."

"The food police are on a march around the country. Elected officials and health czars have waged a war to control what we eat by hitting us where it hurts most...our wallets.

...And NYC officials are working to impose their ideas across the country by pressuring food companies to give in to their demands. In fact, they are so bold as to call their NYC sodium reduction campaign a "Nationwide" sodium reduction campaign.

Sign the petition, use the resources on, share with your friends, and protect your right to make your own food choices."


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