Big Green Eggs and Ham?

First time I heard the phrase Big Green Egg I immediately thought of the famous Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham. In actuality, the Green Egg is a multifaceted outdoor fuel efficient cooker. What can I say; I continue to think from a mommy perspective even though my kids are adults!

Being a newbie grill enthusiast, I was excited to learn more about this “Sonoma Favorite.” The Big Green Egg outdoor cookers are all in one barbecue grills, barbecue smokers, and outdoor ovens. Designed after an Asian style “Kamado,” outdoor cooking aficionados can transfigure the way they prepare their favorite meals along with enjoying high fuel efficiency with natural charcoal. The Green Egg requires no lighter fluids thus allowing for the reuse of charcoal. Constructed of insulated ceramic along with a superior ventilation system, foods are cooked at optimal temperatures. Everything from steaks and burgers, to pies and cobblers, and briskets and ribs can be expertly prepared in the Big Green Egg. The company asserts the unique design and use of ceramic components supply incomparable moisture retention for all foods regardless of temperature. Temperatures are easily maintained from as low as 200 degrees with a capability to reach 700 degrees in just ten minutes. Additionally, the ceramic parts eliminate the possibility unnatural or metallic tastes.

Available in five sizes, the Large Big Green Egg is said to be the most popular model. The 18-inch diameter-cooking surface is a sufficient amount to cook for family and friends. To offer some insight on the area of 18 inch grill, a 20-pound turkey, 12 burgers, or 8 steaks can be easily accommodated. Sounds quite efficient and pretty darn amazing, wish I could sample one of these cookers.

Seems customer service is rather important to Outdora, seller of the Big Green Egg. Their instructional Big Green Egg assembly videos include everything from unpacking the cooker to adding the finishing touches formulates a clear and precise assembly in no time. The videos provide excellent explanation and insights on each part of the grill. If you remember my anniversary post, my new grill set up ordeal was a day long event, uuuggg.

What is more, you can explore a whole host of Big Green Egg recipes from the Big Green Egg Cookbook are available online. Of course, the cookbook in its entirety is available for purchase online as well. I found the owner submitted recipes to be very impressive and included dishes such as Organic Chicken Meatball Gnocchi, Paella, and Chicken, Andouille & Tasso Jambalaya.

If you have a favorite Big Green Egg recipe, you need to check this out. Outdora is holding a Big Green Egg recipe contest. The winner receives the Big Green Egg Cookbook, a $50 retail value. In addition, the winning recipe will be featured by one of the celebrity chefs at Outdora’s Big Green Egg festival in the spring of 2011. (

Tell me what you think, is a Big Green Egg the grill for you? Have you cooked on one? Good, bad, overrated, please do share your experience.


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