Braised Chicken Thighs

For Christmas Red gave me the 20-40-60 Fresh Food Fast cookbook by Emeril Lagasse. My son truly knows me; Fresh Food Fast reflects my cooking approach, always fast and generally fresh. The cookbook so reminded me of my mother I told my son. She loved watching the food network; Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali were her favorite chefs. Red smiled tenderly recollecting that detail, as he and mom were incredibly close.

The cookbook is organized first by total time in minutes, representing the 20-40-60, then further broken down into food groups such as soups, pasta, rice and beans, poultry, seafood and so forth. The food illustrations are limited, mostly full-page shots, and situated adjacent to the recipes, which in my opinion charmingly compliment to the book. The notations above each recipe resonates the voice of Emeril in my head. For the record, I did not find “BAM!” written anywhere. Thankfully, those famous theatrics are finally outdated. You can buy 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast on

My first recipe selection from the book was braised chicken thighs. Of course my first choice was a chicken recipe; one can never have enough chicken recipes according to this chicken fanatic. I made two changes, a mixture of thighs and legs and 1.5 teaspoons of dried thyme rather than fresh. It was simply too cold to run to the store.

Actual Pages give a true feel for the book don't they?

The chicken was perfect and the gravy, out of this world delicious. I thought the thyme was going to be overpowering however the finished gravy was rich in thyme but not in any way overwhelming. The Original Essence seasoning really balanced out the flavors. I can only imagine how the fresh thyme would taste. Oh well, next time. The onions added a nice texture and Emeril was right, the gravy is great over white rice.

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