Black Bean Cakes - Fine Food in a Flash

Tight Budgets and fine foods make it the perfect time for another savory cake recipe. If you enjoyed making mud pies as child, get ready for a Latin Flavored walk down memory lane! Taken from 20, 40, 60 Fresh Food Fast, Emeril created a fabulous and fun recipe in these Black bean Cakes. I did get it together just in time for meatless Monday, this one is perfect! I think midlife melancholies are messing with my timing.

Unprovoked, I made one small change. Internet searching came to my rescue upon realizing I had no ground coriander on hand. Because the recipe called for only 1/4 teaspoon, I left it out. I understand ground coriander has a completely different flavor from the leaves, which can be substituted with cilantro or even parsley. When you arrive at the part where forming the cakes, I'm certain a yuck will be followed by a smile recalling those mud cake days - enjoy!

Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised at the robust Latin flavors, crispy outer shell, and most interior. These black bean cakes would be a great side for most any Latin flare although a Puerto Rican Style Pork Pernil would be over the top delish! For our meal, I served them with sour cream and salsa alongside spicy salsa smothered pork loin chops.In the cookbook, the bean cakes were shown atop a bed of guacamole. Next time a big dollop of home made guacamole will make it onto the plate. For. Sure.

Emeril says these black bean cakes will “knock your socks off” with their crispy outside and tender, creamy centers. He was right, again!

I know you're hungry


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