Top 10 Beverage Recipes - TasteMakers and Tervis

Top 10 Tastemaker Tervis Tumbler Beverage Recipes - Tervis tumblers are amazing.

Guaranteed for Life
Photo: The Kitchen Noob
Tervis tumblers seem indestructible. They are made to resist cracking, melting, and shattering. Tervis says, “Don’t take it as a dare or anything, but if they do somehow break (despite following our care instructions), we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll replace it, guaranteed.”

Reduced Condensation and Rings
Double-walled insulation eliminates rings on your furniture. This ingenious feature found on every Tervis tumbler greatly reduces condensation. See no more rings ;)

Keeps Drinks Hot and Cold
The double-walled insulation provides for steamers to stay hot and chillers cold.

Made in America 
Tervis tumblers have been proudly made in America since 1946. Invented and perfected by Detroit engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, according to, “The Donelly family purchased the Tervis product rights in the 1950s and incorporated the Tervis Tumbler Company in 1967. To this day, all Tervis products are proudly made in North Venice, Florida, where over 600 people are employed through this family-owned-and-operated business.” Better still, living in SW Florida makes Tervis an awesome local product for this featured publisher, woo hoo!

In addition, the tumblers are microwave*, freezer, and dishwasher safe, perfect for travel and of course customizable! *Certain designs are not microwavable.

Now that you know a bit about the Tervis Tumblers and why I proclaim them awesome, on to the Top 10 FoodBuzz Tastemakers Beverage recipe selections!

1. Apple Cider + a kick - Every Little Thing

2. Spinach Banana Cream Smoothie - Eat, Drink, and Be Aware

3. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate - Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

4. Tea-infused milk - Looky Tasty

5. Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream Float - Lindselicious

6. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie - Cajun Chef Ryan

7. Buttercup Lassi - Measured In Pinches

8. Overnight Cherry and Coco Protein Oat Parfait - Healthy Diva Eats

9. Chocolate Banana Cherry Recovery Smoothie - The Little Jogger

10. Big n Fruity Bomb Adult Beverage – That’s mine! I’m not much of an 'adult beverage' drinker these days however when I do indulge, my adult beverage of choice is a Jager Bomb of sorts.

The college kids drink them like this!
I prefer a tall and cold, fifty - fifty mix of Jagermeister and fruity energy drink rather than a shot in a glass of energy drink. Back in the day, we called this drink style - a shot dropped in a beer - a boiler maker.  Anyhow, a review of the Tervis Tumbler was the perfect excuse to splurge on a bottle of Jagermeister! Last weekend, I enjoyed the performance of these awesome tumblers with an ice cold Bing Cherry Bomb. Unlike the shots, these drinks tend to last a while longer. The Tervis tumbler reserved the chill, without condensation, for the duration of my Cherry Bomb experience! In fact, we had sooo much fun I forgot the photo ;)

Many thanks to FoodBuzz and Tervis for proving the awesome tumbler and a fun opportunity!!


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