Quick, Seasonal, Creamy Pasta Primavera

pasta primaveraThis is one of the easiest pasta recipes I've created in quite some time. Florida fresh seasonal squash and sweet peppers, baby portabella mushrooms, Philadelphia Brand cooking creme along with leftover cheese tortellini turned out to be a most delicious pasta dinner in just 30 minutes.

Being a member of the Kraft First Taste community, I was given an opportunity to test Philadelphia cooking creme about a year ago. They provided free product coupons. In return, I was asked to evaluate the product through surveys. Of course, sharing and blogging about the cooking creme is always appreciated but not required.  So, I blogged about Mexican Lasagna I prepared with the Santa Fe Blend over at The Midlife Woman. At that time I also tested the Italian Cheese and Herb variety, and have to admit I wasn't too impressed... the creme was overly seasoned.

Feeling as though I didn't truly test the Italian blend, when another coupon opportunity arose I had to take it. Oh boy I'm really happy I did too!! This pasta recipe is particularly wonderful not only for the delicious flavor but for using what you have on hand. The amounts and ingredients depend solely on your personal tastes.

Cooked Pasta
Fresh Vegetables
1 - 2 Tbps. Olive Oil (for sauteing veggies)
1/3 cup chicken broth or water
Philadelphia Brand Italian herb & Cheese Cooking Creme
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Choose your favorite pasta and cook according to package directions or use left over pasta. I used leftover cheese tortellini. The amounts shown made two adult servings, about 4 cups.

Next quick saute the vegetables in the olive oil over a medium heat to brown outsides. We don't want mushy veggies, be sure to add the quick cooking veggies last.


Lower the temperature and add the cooking creme. I used 1/2 the container.

alfredo cooking creme

Stir in the chicken broth or water, blend completely with the vegetables. add the pasta, season with fresh ground pepper, and eat!

pasta primavera

Are you hungry?


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