Mini Taco Salads - Perfect Tortilla Pans NOT Required

Hubby and I are fond of Mexican dishes, both the traditional and American varieties. Tacos are one of our many favorites, largely due to tacos being quick to prepare and easy to individualize. These mini tacos salads were a fun and creative change from a traditional taco. It was hubby who sparked my interest...

Mini Taco Salad

One evening the “Perfect Tortilla” television ad caught the hubby’s attention. He supports my food blogging love affair hobby and prefers the hard tacos I might add. I do believe he’s turning into a foodie, lol. Anyway, thinking the tortilla bowl pans were very cool, he had me watch the commercial. Working in a Tex-Mex restaurant for nearly ten years, I am partial to fried tortilla bowls. These are definitely a healthier alternative. Even still, I wasn’t sold on the pans. As a result, coming across the taco bowl shortcut by The Garden Pantry, I had to try it. 

 The caption on Facebook read, “If you ever wanted taco bowls, turn your muffin pan upside down, spray with cooking oil and bake tortillas for 10 minutes at 375F or 180C. Perfect.” Ummm, YES!

Eager to make an ample quantity in one shot, I used two different size muffin pans. Each pan held three 6” tortillas. The pans with larger, deeper wells held the tortillas way better than the smaller well pans. In fact, several of the tortillas bake with the smaller pan were shaped like a regular taco. This is a good idea for making a crisp flour tortilla, not so much for bowls.

baking tortilla taco bowls
Tortillas don't hold well with shallow muffin wells.

I still prefer the fried taco bowls, aka baskets, even though these baked bowls are healthier. Frying makes the tortilla lighter and very flaky. On the other hand, being a fan of hard tacos Hubby totally enjoyed the baked bowls. Overall, I’m happy I chose to test this baked method rather than buying another pan. Using the muffin pans was a helpful, frugal tip and a quick method too. Gather your favorite taco ingredients and give it a try!

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